Lighting Design and Calculations


The objective of this calculation is to determine the lighting illumination levels and the number of luminaries required for offshore and onshore projects.

Design Criteria
  • High pressure discharge lamps (floodlight or wellglass) should be used to light tall buildings, large areas, process and production plants. Care should be taken to ensure that this does not result in shadows, especially at operating locations.
  • Low pressure sodium discharge lamps shall not be used, as they constitute a fire hazard in the event of breakage.
  • Fluorescent lighting shall be used to illuminate access way and emergency route
  • Fluorescent lighting with (3 hour for offshore and 1 hour for onshore) battery back-up shall be used to illuminate emergency route if the supply is not coming from UPS.
  • Emergency lighting shall be installed at strategic locations including control rooms, switchrooms, fire stations, first-aid rooms, main entrances, and all other locations and areas where required for safety reasons
  • Maintenance free discharge lamps and fluorescent may be considered with account being taken of their total life-cycle cost.
  • Industrial fluorescent lighting shall be used to illuminate indoor(closed buildings) that are classified non-hazardous areas
  • Illumination level shall be measured at working plane or one (1) meter above the floor level in a horizontal plane.
  • The minimum average illumination level (lux) should be differ according to the locations.
  • The uniformity ratio (Emin/Eave) shall be taken as 0.25 for normal installations.
  • Fouling factor (dirty luminairies factor) is 0.8
Calculation Method

The lighting calculations can be based on :
  1. Chalmlite Version 4.04 Lighting Design Software, which was developed by Chalmit Lighting - http://www.chalmit.com/ 
  2. Lux Lighting - http://www.luxlights.com/
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