Oil & Gas Safety Passport (NIOSH OGSP)

Sample of OGSP Card

Today, on the 6 Januari 2011, i successfully attended the NIOSH OGSP course at NIOSH Bangi. This safety passport is compulsory for me in order to work or visit onshore Oil & Gas facilities. Here i explained a little bit information about this safety card and its benefits.

What is OGSP?

NIOSH-Oil and Gas Safety Passport (OGSP) System is a series of training programme designed for specific target groups on specific OSH subjects and for a specific industry. The system provides the appropriate training and assessment so as to ensure that the target groups acquire the appropriate and necessary safety and health knowledge required for their jobs and fulfill the legislative requirements and the companies’ policies. The series include Induction For Plant Access.

Duration: 8 hours
- 7 hours (training) + 1hour (assessment) 
OGSP Card:

OGSP card with three (3) years validity will be awarded to the candidate who passes the assessment
Course fee: RM 250.00
- Inclusive of course materials, refreshments and 3 years insurance coverage, OGSP card (RM210.00)
- Assessment fee (RM 40.00)

Language: All questions are presented in Bahasa and English Language


- Reduce accidents, downtime and increase productivity.
- Relieves the companies from the chores of training their staff and contractors’ staff of the basic safety induction for plant access.
- Provide independent and credible assessment system by a third party recognized by the industry and government.
- Ensure contractors complying with minimum legal requirement.
- Provide standard training for companies in the same industry.
- Eliminate redundant training for the contractors as the “passport” obtained is recognized nationwide.

- 3 years Insurance coverage
- NIOSH Group Family Takaful Plan
Accident Death (AD)-RM 12,000
Permanent Disability due to Accident (PA)-RM 10,000
Normal Death (D)-RM 2,000
Permanent Total Disability (PTD)-RM 2,000
Funeral Expenses (FE)-RM 500
Hospitalization Benefit (HBa)-RM 30 / day (max. of 30 days)

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Anonymous said...

KALO Xde experience blh attend OGSP x? mcm nak daftar?

acessment dlm btk apa?

susah x?

nani Senpai said...

Boleh cik..cik daftar dekat NIOSH berhampiran..

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