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Advertised on 09-02-11.
Application deadline on 11-03-11.

Ranhill WorleyParsons provides Project Management and multidiscipline Engineering Services to Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas, Refinery, Chemical, Petro-chemical, Power, Infrastructure and Paper and Pulp industries. The services rendered include a full range of Process, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Pipeline Dynamics, Safety and Environmental, Subsea and Marine engineering. Ranhill WorleyParsons handles projects of all sizes from minor trouble-shooting exercises through to full Engineering, Procurement and Construction Project Management (EPCM) of new facilities. It is particularly responsive to Client's needs and operates as an extension to the Client's own organization. The company has a proven record of achievement, having successfully completed a wide range of projects in this region. Ranhill WorleyParsons is a joint venture between the leading engineering and Construction Company in Malaysia, and the largest independent engineering house in the Southern Hemisphere, WorleyParsons Ltd. Ranhill WorleyParsons operates out of offices in Kuala Lumpur, Kerteh, Kuantan and Miri.

Senior Project Engineers
(Sarawak - MIRI)

  • Manage and coordinate multidiscipline engineering activities to ensure projects allocated from a brownfields project portfolio are executed in a safe, efficient, cost effective and timely manner.
  • Act as primary coordination interface with the client to ensure that the client’s expectations are satisfied.
  • Ensure the project conforms to the client’s approved Basis of Design and all applicable regulatory and code requirements.
  • HSE Management
  • Maintains HSE focus within the team to ensure HSE requirements included in design and procurement.
  • Client Relationships
  • Maintains and builds healthy client and internal relationships.
  • Proactively resolves performance, scope and schedule issues with the client as they arise.
  • Identifies, documents, communicates and meets the client’s requirements
  • Commercial Management
  • Effectively manages assigned budgets within WorleyParsons’ total scope.
  • Scope Management
  • Compliance with WorleyParsons Project delivery Process (WPMP) and client’s project delivery roadmap.
  • Compliance with requirements of the contract.
  • Proactive and effective change control process application and monitoring.
  • Time Management
  • Contributes to the development of overall project schedule.
  • Supervises work in accordance with the approved schedule
  • Cost Control
  • Monitors cost aspects of the project within direct control to forecast final costs, identifies trends and takes action to avoid cost overruns.
  • Quality Management
  • Contributes to compliance with WorleyParsons policies and procedures.
  • Compliance with WorleyParsons engineering and procurement systems and procedures.
  • Team Management
  • Focuses engineering team on achievement of milestones and other key project objectives.
  • Listens to the team, discusses the issues, resolves problems and directs activities to remove roadblocks and achieve objectives.
  • Communications Management
  • Regularly provides clear reports to all stakeholders.
  • Effective communication with the design team and any third parties.
  • Regular interface with other team members including Procurement, Execution and Controls.
  • Regular mentoring and coaching of less experienced personnel.
  • Accurate, timely and effective reporting to the Design Project Manager.
  • Risk Management
  • Monitors the closure of all identified risks and opportunities.
  • Design Management
  • Sets clear objectives to the engineering design team, including achieving productivity and budget targets.
  • Ensures design team aware of, and complies with, applicable regulations and codes.
  • Manages inter-discipline interfaces effectively.
  • Procurement/Subcontracts Management
  • Interfaces with Procurement personnel and processes throughout the project to ensure goods and services meet specification, are delivered on time and are within budget.

  • Applicants must possess a recognized Degree in any of the above disciplines with a minimum of 10 years experiences in the multi-discipline design and construction environment of the oil and gas industry and offshore projects.
  • Applicants shall have a sound background in one of the major engineering disciplines and must have a demonstrated ability to coordinate multi-discipline engineering tasks, either in the design or construction phase of a project.
  • Applicants shall have a full understanding of project management principle, e.g. planning, monitoring, reporting and control of cost, time and resources and shall be able to prepare detailed plans for particular tasks under his / her control.
  • The applicants shall manage and coordinate multidiscipline engineering activities to ensure projects are executed in a safe, efficient, cost effective and timely manner.
Interested candidates are required to apply online  to our Worley website https://worleyparsons-au.hua.hrsmart.com/ats/job_search.php

and search for location Req. # 2113 - Location Miri.

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Anonymous said...

is it only for senior level?any vacancies for fresh grad?


How about if you go to Ranhill Worley website and then search for position suitable for you..

If u didn't find there..you can try directly call HR department and ask if currently they have any position for freshie..if they didnt have..you can request to drop your resume and if they have it later on, they can call u..gud luck

Anonymous said...

ok sir,thanks for the info. really interested to join this field. any info about vacancy please info to heyruleazrule@yahoo.com


looking for what position ?

Juani said...

Hi....do you know how can i apply for a job in ong in miri? I have no working experience in this industry. I am a graduate of biotech from uq, aus n i did my degree in applied chem locally in uitm. Is there any ways that i can enter the field? I believe the integration if chemistry n biotech make me very versatile though ;)

Juani said...

* of


Act..in the real working life, our degree or qualification not so important anymore, its only a passport to grab an interview opportunity..and the working environment sometimes will go far away from what we study..

for example: if u join international companies like schlumberger,talisman, baker hughes,halliburton dan etc...for freshie, they will places you for Training system for at least 1 or 2 years before they will assign you to the department that suitable for u..sometimes students from engineering will working at management site...

in miri, there are many OnG companies established there...we have MMC,Shell,Petronas, Nippon Oil&Gas..how about you try google it..i'm sure that u'll find it..gud luck

Juani said...

Thanks jamal. Yeah you are right. Its just a qualification on paper. This morning, i have been interviewed by a coo, a caucasian lady. She said that she was first impressed by my qualification from the top uni in uk. U r rite. Its just an opportunity for you to be shortlisted for interviews. The fact that i know im not really good in presenting myself(i usually will become very nervous and feel dizzy upon interview session), but im still glad my qualification has some value in terms of being shortlisted. Regarding jobs in miri, i have tried googling n not much that i found. Am now thinking to search in yellowpages though. :) . Thanks for your advise.


Its ok for your first interview session..u can develop that skills by attend more interviews..and then u will feel more comfortable when attend another interviews...its just matter of time to improve our self..that skills we can develop it..dont worry..

Anonymous said...


Are you working with WP? I was wondering which is the best way to apply for a position with WP and I have applied through Jobstreet and was listed under consideration(UD) for project control engineer. But then, from my experience although being listed for UD, I shouldnt hope too much.

Should I reapply through email as provided or sign up on the official website? Any recommendation?




nope, i'm with MMC now..i think u should try directly call HR WP..and ask about the post u wanna apply..if suitable with your qualification and experiences..tell HR u wanna submit ur resume..and after couple of days/week, call HR and ask for your application status...u can call WP using this number..

+60 9 825 5000 +60 9 826 1573
Kuala Lumpur Ranhill WorleyParsons
+60 3 2039 9888 +60 3 2163 0524
Kuala Lumpur INTECSEA
+60 3 20322488 +60 3 20323488
Kuala Lumpur WorleyParsons
+60 3 2039 9000 +60 3 2039 9001
Kuantan Ranhill WorleyParsons
+60 9 567 5700 +60 9 566 9700
Miri Ranhill WorleyParsons
+60 85 405 405 +60 85 405 515

27benni28 said...

please help me i have certificate class five / ANT V compelete , i wont work at shipping company.
please contac me
+6281 210 150 593
thank you much for your coopration

Anonymous said...

En Din,

can you give me ur email address.

Anonymous said...

saya ada pegi intvw dgn Worley Parsons recently.. but i tak rasa i dapat.... coz mcm susah jer..
lagipun WP support internationally..so i x interested rasanya.. sbb i ni berfamily nak support different zone time agak susah la... anyway.. boleh tlg describe mcm mana working environment dgn RWP in IT division.

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