1.       Project Background – Must know the objectives and details about the project.
2.       Project Organization Chart.
-          Must know the overall organization chart (Consultant & Client)
-          Person in-charge for this site visit (project management)
-          Person in-charge for this site visit on behalf of client
-          Operation Personnel (who will join and guide us to perform the site visit)
-          Get the contact number (make appointment/call first before perform the site visit).  Ask about the PTW and permission to access the Substation, Switchgear Room, Control Room and etc.
-          Inform and request branch office if required any help
3.       Duration and details of site visit schedule.
-          Confirm the site visit tentative and schedule with project management
-          Confirm the duration & procedures for morning meeting, safety briefing, PTW and etc.(ex: must submit PTW one day before for TCOT)
-           Confirm the Client Management Office & Plant location.
4.       Accommodation
-          Prepare and submit travel authorization and travel advance form.
-          Confirm with project management about the transportation and accommodation (schedule/cost/claim/meal/location)
5.       Personal
-          PPE
-          Safety passport and PTW (OGSP/OSP/PTW), check the expired date.
-          Checklist drawings & documents (study and identify where the location  – mark-up drawings)
-          Stationary/camera/USB/laptop/calculator
-          Personal things
6.       Documents & Drawings search
-          Prepare the drawings & documents no.
-          If didn’t have time to perform drawings & documents search, copy the overall documents & drawings index and request to Document Control later.
7.       Finding from site visit
-          Site visit checklists / site visit findings
-          Site visit photo
-          Documents & Drawings (mark-up and as-built)
-          Site Visit report


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