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The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and The Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) will implement new training requirements for all Graduate Engineers who register from 1 January 2005

The Board of Engineer, Malaysia and The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia have decided to implement revised training requirement for graduate engineers who desire to become professional engineers. This is in view of the fact that engineering students follow varied routes in their pursuit for an engineering degree. The requirements include, beside extended training period, compulsory courses to be undertaken, participation in Professional Development Programmes (PDP) and involvement in continuing engineering education programmes. With these measures, it is hoped that we will improve the quality of our Professional Engineers who will be able to serve globally.

The training requirements will be effective for graduates from accredited univerisity programmes registered after 1 January 2005. The detailed requirements are as follows:

The practical experience that a registered Graduate Engineer is required to obtain under Section 10 (I)(b) of the Act in order to be entitled to apply for registration as a Professional Engineer shall be carried out in a manner satisfactory to the Board for a period of not less than THREE (3) years covering the following:

a) General Training which should link the conceptual analytical abilities developed during the degree course with its wide application in industry and give sound base for professional development, for a period of not less than TWO (2) years of which up to twelve months of relevant, accredited recognised industrial training during the undergraduate course may be credited.

b) Professional Career Development Training, which will provide exposure to skills awareness, management, responsibility, teamwork, logical approach etc. for a period of not less than TWO years.

c) Satisfactory Attendance in the following course conducted by BEM or institution approved by BEM.

(i) Code of Ethics 12 hrs
(ii) Occupational Safety and Health at work, relevant bylaws / regulation 12 hrs
(iii) Engineering Management Practice 12 hrs
(iv) Topics related to branch of engineering 24 hrs

(d) Completion of not less than 30 units of professional development which includes attendance at talks, seminars, meetings and community services.


The IEM Secretariat receives numerous enquiries almost daily from graduate engineers as to how they can qualify as professionals. 
Listed below the steps which are necessary to enable graduate engineers to be registered by the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) as Professional Engineers (P.E).

1) Register with the Board of Engineers upon graduation as it is compulsory under the Engineers Act 1967 for all practising engineers to register with the Board.

2)All Graduate engineers are required to complete at least THREE (3) years of relevant work experience after graduation with an accredited engineering degree.These training stints should as far as possible be completed under the guidance of a P.Eng. who is in the same discipline as the Graduate engineer.

After registration with the Board, the engineers could approach towards their objectives of obtaining P.E. either on their own or through the IEM Log book scheme.

If they opt for the IEM Log Book Scheme, they should follow the procedures documented in the TRAINING SCHEME GUIDELINES.

Once the candidates complete their training (either on their own or through the IEM Log Book scheme), the next step for them is to sit for the Professional Interview conducted by IEM. Once they pass this interview (which consists of oral questions and essay writing) they could be admitted as Corporate Members of IEM and are then eligible to apply to the BEM to be registered as P.Eng.

Implemention Date: September 2007


Yana said...

wah so tough to be an engineer...a lot of qualification and tranning....hehehhe...follow me at my blog


To be a graduate engineer, not so tough like this, u only need 4 years study engineering in university.

But this is the route to be a PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER that has title IR in front of their name..like Ar for Professional Architect and Sr for Professional Surveyor...

Once u have this Ir title, your salary will boost to min 15k..normally 20k and above la..hehe

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ewanrani said...

waw...aku memang nak sangat jadi profesional engineer nie jamal...perghhh info yang terbaik nie...aku kena capai cita2 aku nie...


InsyaAllah..dimana ade kemahuan disitu ada jalan..tapi kalo ko nak dapatkan P.Eng nie..nnt lepas grad better kalo ko join company consultant la, company yg buat design..senang sikit nak apply P.Eng nnt..

Papepun, gud luck ye Wan..hehe

Zam Ogi said...


Tumpang tanya. i've sent BEM application form with RM50 'wang post' as pre register fee. but havent received anything yet for almost 5 months from BEM regarding my registration status.

So bro jamal dah register kan...May i know how long BEM gonna process the form & what they give us if registration process successfully carried out to proof that we're registered BEM member?



Sebenarnye Jamal malas nak cerita dan burukkan BEM nie tapi itulah hakikat yang berlaku kepada ramai Engineer yang nak daftar dengan BEM nie. Banyak sangat karenah Birokrasi.

Kalau Zam nak senang, boleh contact office BEM terus tanye berkenaan dengan status pendaftaran tue. Dan kalau diorg cakap permohonan tue dah diapproved by Board of BEM, seeloknya Zam pergi sendiri office BEM untuk collect sijil BEM tersebut.

Sebab based on my experience, nak tunggu Board of BEM approved application kita tue pun dah makan masa 3-4 bulan. Lepas tue nak tunggu diorg poskan sijil tue lagi memang semua proses tue makan masa lebih dari 5 bulan biasenya.

Bukti yang kita dah register sebagai Graduate Engineer ialah BEM akan keluarkan no siri keahlian kita dan die akan bagi Sijil sekali nanti.

Nak no contact BEM, boleh dapatkan diwebsite BEM ye.

Anonymous said...

Just want to share some infos regarding BEM registration as graduated engineer.

i just received my application status letter with registration number last week. and the interesting part is that i already sent the application form last nov 2010.

to zam ogi, for ur info, u can ask BEM about ur application status through their Facebook account and i did asked them using FB and they gave a quite fast response there.



Nov 2010 till last week is about 7 months right..i only take 4 months to got it..:-)

Praveen said...

Hi guys and gals, anyone know an IR with mechanical Engineering or Automotive Engineering background, could you please email to me at praveen@carleton-es.com


Hi Praveen..you can find it from IEM and BEM directory or call their office to ask for helps...Thanks.

Muhammad Ashraf said...

Salam en jamaludin

I'm a lecturer. I am finishing master soon and after that doing Phd. But I am eager to become a professional engineer. Can an academician be a professional engineer? If can how is the steps?


Waalaikumussalam Ashraf,

It's quite difficult if you didn't have any working experiences. But i'm not really sure if your teaching experiences can be consider as GENERAL TRAINING under the BEM REQUIREMENT.

You can call BEM to ask about that or find the lecturer with Ir. title and ask them. But i'm pretty sure that all the lecturer with Ir. must have technical experiences before be the lecturer.

Anonymous said...

sy nk tanye..kalo sy register sbg material engineer dgn BEM.Untuk PE,bleh ke sy pilih mentor sy dr bidang laen(i.e civil)?


Tak boleh. Mentor mestilah PE yang sama bidang dengan kita. Contohnya jika kita daftar dengan BEM sebagai Mechanical Engineer, maka mentor kita mestilah PE dalam bidang Mechanical juga. Harap maklum

Roger_Tan said...

I am working as an engineer in Singapore as a mechanical engineer for construction field for 4 years already, can I apply for Professional Engineer in Malaysia by using my experience gain in Singapore?


Answer this question first..

Whether you already register as Graduate Engineer with BEM or not.

Roger_Tan said...



If you haven't register as Graduate Member of BEM, all your 4 years experience will not accepted by BEM.

You need to register first and your experience will be calculate after that. Mean you need to wait another 3 or 4 years before you can apply for P.Eng Interview.

If you want to know more, you can call the BEM Office.

Anonymous said...

Salam. Nak minta pandangan. Saya grad in 2000 - Mech. Eng.

Then kerja kilang till 2003. 2004, baru register dgn BEM, dan memulakan tugas sbg QA/QC Engineer dibidang construction (M&E). Emmm, tak involve dgn design.

Then in 2006, saya joint aviation company (MRO @ maintenance, repair & overhaul) sbg Team Leader - Inspection dan kemudiannya, prod. planner exec. Design - kecil-kecilan, antara lain: layout, capacity study, turn-around-time.

since 2010, saya joint certification body pula, sbg QMS auditor. Apa peluang saya untuk mencapai peringkat PE?

Harap dapat memberi panduan. Thanks.


Experience cuma akan dikira selepas kita register dengan BEM. Dan professional experience tue juga hanya dikira jika kita bekerja dibawah seliakan Professional Engineer @ Ir yang lain.

Kalau boss or supervisor kita takde Ir. Kena follow IEM Log Book Scheme, kena cari mentor dari company luar yang ade Ir.

Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi IEM ye

Zarir said...

Salam Tuan,

Saya Zarir,ingin bertanya,sy degree in Letrik Kuasa,tp kerja sekarang byk tersangat la umum, kerja2 eleltrik dan instrumentasi.sy difahamkan bahawa ade professional engineer yg memang diiktiraf dalam kedua2 bidang.benar ke tidak,wallahualam. Berkenaan logbook,ade format tertentu ke?
By the way, registration BEM sy ambil mase 2 bulan je.


Anonymous said...

i keje kat singapore dlm consulting firm ( C & S ), i dah registered dgn BEM pada 2009. So experience saya dikira dairi 2009 kan? walaupun saya start keje 2007 =='''

Boss saya adalah PE Malaysia & PE Singapore, maka saya boleh minta dia jadi mentor kan?
follow system 1 ? system 1 xde log book kan? jadi macam mane dah record experience ya?

Yus said...


nk tnye ckit, klu ikut panduan IEM die ckp exp start dr graduation nk seat P.Interview tp ikut BEM start dr register..sbb klu ikut BEM application dh hantar lepas graduation cuma kelulusan lambat dlm 6 bulan jd exp semasa proses2 xdikirala kan?

Baget nk seat PI thn nie tp klu ikut tarikh register BEM masih xcukup brp bln untuk 3 tahun..macam mne ek proceed jer submit form seat PI ke tgu ckup 3thn dl?

John said...

Hi Jamal,
Just wanted to check with you,if i opt to do the training by my own,what is the procedures i should go through?

And what is the difference between doing it using log book scheme and by my own.?Need your ADVICE in this matter

june said...



rafi;uddin said...

En. Jamal.
nk tye skit.
sy plajar universiti.
ade tak peluang luas dlm biotech engineering??
Ir tu merangkumi semua bidang engineering atau sebahagian shj??
ape pandangan en. mengenai kerjaya sbgai jurutera pd masa hdpn.

terima kasih..

Jamaluddin Abu Bakar said...

Already replied to your email.

Anonymous said...


saya nak share beberapa pangalaman yg telah dilalui....saya dh amik professional interview lebih dari sekali...skang dh malas....secara jujur..pada pendapat saya...banyak lagik yg perlu diperbetulkan dlm pihak2 yg berkenaan mengenai "status" nih...kalau kat luar, x pakai pun..malah org x recognize pun status nih...yg slalu or recognize kat mana2 ialah status "chartered"...tidak dinafikan ianya sama jer...tp general persepsi org terutamanya internationatiol comunity, "chartered" is well more recognize.....

walaupun begitu, x bermakna individu yg ada status Ir nih x leh pakai....ada yg super power..

so..kepada yg nak amik Ir nih...tgk..and black and whitekan semua benda...kang tak pasal2...apply lain...interview lain..so result pun lain la jawabnyer...pengalaman kita yg dh bertahun2 dlm dan luar negara nih akan dianggap kosong jer...

jamal, apa pendapat u?
How design is consider "design"?

thanks to jamal in advance...just berkongsi pengalaman...

Anonymous said...

salam encik jamal dan saudara(i) sekalian.

hanya ingin bertanya mengenai kelayakan untuk memohon Ir di Malaysia.

Saya ada Bc.Sc. mechanical engineering dari DUT Toulon dan universite franche compte', France (3tahun).

kini,sudah bekerja sebagai jurutera bersama company DCNS (sub-marin) selama 8 tahun di France.

berdasarkan apa yg tertulis de BEM, qualification min untuk degree perlu 4 tahun.

jadi, dengan situasi saya sekarang, adakah saya perlu top up 1 tahun lagi kah untuk dapat Ir ni?

hanya tumpang bertanya. :) harap kawan2 yg ad apengalaman boleh bagi pendapat. terima kasih

adbrite said...

saya baru pass PI pada 25/6/2012

Anonymous said...

i am registered with BEM. currently, i am working for a power project developer.
my job scopes are more on project management side. we engaged consultants for our projects, therefore i m not directly involved in engineering and designed of the power plant.

i would like to know is current working experience qualify me for to obtain PE? TQ

azizol@engineer.com said...

I am a chartered engineer from UK. Recently saya balik ke Malaysia lepas dapat offer kerja di sini. Saya dengar for Chartered Engineer from abroad, you do not have to wait for 3-4 years before sitting for Ir assessment. Betul ke? You can submit and go for assessment straight away if you feel ready... Kalau tak betul tolong perbetulkan, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Saya nak tanya, saya graduate dlm bidang electrical engineering , tetapi semasa mula dalam bidang kerja. Menjurus kepada bidang mekanikal hinggalah sekarang. Adakah saya masih boleh mengambil. Title Ir dan register BEM.tq.

Anonymous said...

Salam En. Jamal

saya sekarang kerja design dan manufacturing Neutral Earhing Resistor,NER untuk 11 dan 33kV..handle FAT untuk NER dan testing sampai 50kV..

Jadi saya layak tak untuk apply Prof. engr untuk buat buku log

k said...

En Jamal,
Saya seorang PE registered di US (Illinois), kalau nak balik Msia and convert macam mana tu? Kena buat balik semula ke?

Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum. saya civil engineer dah 2 tahun. sekarang kerja di consultant tapi tak ada peluang turun site. Boleh kongsikan pengalaman tuan. Saya memang pasang angan2 nak dapat title Ir ni tapi takut tak lepas. Harap tuan sedia bantu. m_amin22@yahoo.com
Terima kasih

Lagenda said...


Saya sudah bekerja lebih dua tahun tapi baru hari ini nak daftar BEM.

masalah saya selama dua tahun ini, saya tidak dapat cari mentor yang sama bidang dengan saya di Sabah. (Mechanical Engineer).

Saya kerja kilang Power Plant, ada visiting Engineer, Ir tapi dari disiplin Electrical.

Minta pendapat atau cadangan macam mana saya boleh daftar di Sabah ni.

Jebat Malaya said...

Kalau kita tak buat log book. Boleh ke gantikan dengan project paper. Jika boleh pada tahap mana kandunganmproject paper tu perlu disediakamn. Plz advise

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