KPOC Announces Development Plans for Kebabangan Gas Field

KUCHING: Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company Sdn Bhd (KPOC) has announced that its shareholders have agreed to develop the Kebabangan (KBB) gas field located offshore Sabah.
KPOC is a joint operating company comprising Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (Petronas Carigali) with a 40 per cent stakeholding, together with ConocoPhillips Sabah Gas Ltd (ConocoPhillips) and Shell Energy Asia Ltd (Shell Energy Asia); that each has a stakeholding composition of 30 per cent in the venture.

“The KBB gas field is located in water depths of 100 to 400 metres and is part of the KBB Cluster Production Sharing Contract operated by KPOC. The project will include a 12-well, two-phase drilling campaign as well as the fabrication and installation of an integrated drilling/production platform with living quarters,” KPOC said in a press statement yesterday.

The integrated production platform would be located on the edge of the continental shelf in 140 metres of water, with a design rate of 825 million standard cubic feet per day of gas export capacity, and 80,000 stock tank barrels per day of oil export capacity. Oil and gas would be exported via 135 kilometres of pipelines to the Petronas Carigali – operated Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal (SOGT); currently under construction at Kimanis, Sabah.

“First production is expected at the end of 2014,” added KPOC.

Meanwhile, KPOC’s general manager Kannan Annamalai was enthusiastic on reaching such milestone saying, “The real journey with all its challenges has just begun. Our team is committed to delivering market leading performance in all aspects of the project with relentless focus on safety, quality, cost and schedule,” he remarked.

Source : Borneo Post 

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