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PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd also known as PCSB is part of E&P Business unit. It responsible in managing E&P activities which consist of Business Development, Exploration phase, Development phase, Production and also decommission.

PCSB is currently made up of two profit centers namely PETRONAS Exploration and PETRONAS Development & Production.

Location:     PETRONAS Twin Towers,KLCC   
Min. Qualification:     Bach Degree   
Date:     23 Jun 11 9:42 AM   
Years of Experience:     5 years   
Number of Vacancies:     10   
Feasibility Study and Conceptual Option
Conduct comprehensive feasibility study and conceptual option for Field Improvement Proposal (FIP) raised, develop detailed plan and approach with regards to technology, methodology, and commonality and analyze impact to project objectives leading to the optimum improvement options.

Design Analysis and Quality Evaluation
Conduct optimum design analysis and quality evaluation of detailed design for optimum fabrication by preparing cost estimate, scope of work, delivery schedule, contracting strategy, bid screening criteria, evaluation criteria leading to the completion of detailed drawings, manuals, design report and specification.

Equipment Specifications, Bid Enquiry Package and Provision of Engineering
Develop, evaluate and review equipment specifications, bid enquiry package and provision of engineering services for the purchase of Instrument and Control related materials and equipments and participate in Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Composite Integrated System Test (CIST), and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) to ensure the full compliance to contract requirements and availability of system to support operation and on time project delivery.

New Technology
Acquire and apply of new technology for effective cost optimization that suit operational requirements by analyzing and preparing recommendation to ensure proven technology is used whenever possible and to select appropriate development solutions if proven technology is not available.

Technical Assistance
Provide technical assistance to special teams formed during various phases of new project execution/audits/improvement initiatives, i.e. during conceptual, detailed design, Factory Acceptance Test, troubleshooting at site during fabrication and hook-up & commissioning; and to Production Units, i.e. operational audit, management safety audit, major maintenance turnaround, troubleshooting, major replacement work and major plant upgrading.   


Degree in Instrumentation Engineering and equivalent. At least 5 years of relevant working experience in Oil & Gas industry.    

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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ajumohit said...

masyukk kan jadi org minyak ni..ingat pelantar myk meletop di KT?? my neighbour one of the victim,,,sian dia tgn masih berbalut smpi skrg...


Alhamdulillah rezeki..

Ade dengar jugak pasal platform terbakar haritue, kalau gaji dah masyuk nie, risikonya mesti la tinggi jugak kan kak.

Anonymous said...

abg jamal sya fresh grad dri politeknik koz electronic engineering..ada x post yg sesuai untuk saya dan resume n cv boleh dihantr pada siapa???


Jamal bukan recruitment agent. So kalau ade post kosong baru Jamal share kat sini. Kena usaha sendiri la ye..tengok kat jobstreet, banyak je post kosong

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